Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some "Ironman" pages I did for practice and exercise.  Fun pages, VERY simple.  Meant to merely show storytelling abilities.  I chose the classic Marvel Ironman cause that's how I roll.

Click image to Embiggen.


Page 1:

Will fill title card later - "Ironman in: Doom's (Mid)Day Device"
Page 2:

Page 3:

Seems like a million years ago that I drafted up the thumbnails for this, as it was part of my entry to a thing called "comic book idol" hosted at CBR.  I recieved honorable mentions, but didn't get to compete in the full contest... and with good cause.

My intention was to show my potential, but they're a little too rough to be taken seriously... (can be viewed below).  So I decided to complete this challenge I gave myself a lifetime ago and I'll post a NEW, completed page each day over the course of this week.  So bookmark this, or just keep up with me on Twitter or FB for the updates.

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