Tuesday, September 25, 2012

umbrella academy

It seems I FINALLY stumbled on "The Umbrella Academy."

Written by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) and effortlessly drawn by Gabriel Ba

Really great books. Like most I'd assume, were wary of a rockstar writing a comic book, harboured low expectations and I was thoroughly impressed.  This book tells stories quite like how I've wanted to, but was worried too much would be missing or lost on the reader (i.e. I would be writing for me only).  I have a lot of my own stories that happen AFTER a big event and only hint at what happened, the idea of destructive/constructive reunions appeals to me I guess.

Anyway, it inspired a drawing.

Funny thing about this piece is there was no formal composition.  I drew "The Kraken" (far left) as a sketch, which you can see is much more loosely inked and then just kinda filled the rest in.

Stay good.

11x17. ink and marker.
Click to Embiggen.

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